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The Cornerstone helps us to integrate prayer into our everyday lives. One of our Branch Facilitators e-mailed her branch with this idea:

I'm trying to think of something that could keep us attached through the summer months, and looking through my "stuff" I remembered the "Devotion of the Three Hail Marys." Many of the saints recommended that people say three Hail Marys a day - one in honor of the Father, one in honor of the Son, and one in honor of the Holy Spirit. St Anthony of Padua recommended this, St Leonard, St Alphonsus. St Mechtilde was hopeful of a happy death if she was true to three Hail Marys a day. St Gertrude wrote : "After the Power of the Father, the Wisdom of the Son, and the Tenderness of the Holy Spirit, nothing approaches the power, wisdom and tenderness of Mary." So praying three Hail Marys a day is a time-honored Catholic tradition. Simple and easy, too.

I'll be saying three Hail Marys a day with all of you in mind (I already pray for you every day) and I hope you will join me. That way we can all know that somewhere, at sometime each day, we are each saying three Hail Marys for each other. Good connection, huh?
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Join us on a Pilgrimage of Faith as we start the study of Exodus this fall and see why it can be one of the most exciting discoveries a Christian can make. We will learn the history of the Jewish people, from their captivity to their freedom, and we will learn that the story of Exodus is the story of every person who sets out to follow Jesus. Listen to this short talk and you will be hooked!
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Bible study is counter cultural. Instead of glorifying busy, bible study is all about glorifying God--spending time each day in prayer and reading scripture. What I think is hard for all of us to comprehend sometimes is that by tending to our souls first, we find, through the grace of God, that our lives are so much richer and more meaningful and that we are far better equipped to tend to the things of this world that are most important to us- our families, our vocations, our friends, our causes. US Olympic Gymnast, Gabby Douglas captured this joyful, trusting spirit when she said: “It’s a win, win. I give up to God all the honor and glory and all the blessings come down on me. “
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