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Do You Want To Be Well?

Jesus asks the sick man lying near the pool at Bethesda, "Do you want to be well?" before healing him. He asks each of us the same question every day. It does not matter what our ailment is...whether inside or outside our bodies...God wants us to be healed to show others the Glory of God and His healing presence in our lives. Come and grow closer to Jesus' healing touch through The Cornerstone Catholic Scripture Study.
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Have you heard God calling YOU?

God calls to each of us in many different ways. We may hear his voice through nature…..the beauty of a sunset, an animal, listening to the ocean, or even through the wind. Others may hear his voice in the silence of adoration or through another Christian friend or neighbor. In the Gospel of John, a VOICE is heard crying out in the wilderness…”Make straight the way of the Lord” and “He must increase; I must decrease”. John the Baptist knew what God’s purpose for him was….to prepare for the coming of the Messiah. We also need to listen for the voice of God because we are his children, called for a specific purpose in this world.

Is God calling you to deepen your relationship with HIM through the study of his word? The Cornerstone Catholic Scripture Study is waiting for you to respond to his call.

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From St. Anthony Branch (Daytime) in The Woodlands, TX.

While people experience many different trials and storms during their lives, what happens after the storm can be life-changing. Whether it is the death of someone dear to you, a terminal illness, loss of a job, or a Hurricane that literally strips away everything you have accumulated in your life, what matters most is the pulling together of people, from near and far, to help give those affected love, hope, and possibilities for the future. A future built on prayer and community, giving and offering, holding hands and whispering words of encouragement….from a community of people with one goal in mind….spreading LOVE. God is very alive here and in our midst!

Matt Maher’s song truly says it all, “Love will hold us together, make us a shelter to weather the storm, and I’ll be my brother’s keeper, so the whole world will know that we’re not alone.”

#praying for all those affected by Harvey, Irma and other disasters
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