“The Cornerstone unites study and prayer, faith and reason, contemplation and action. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to reflect on how the Word of God can transform our lives and our world.”

Fr. Seán Charles Martin, President and Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Aquinas Institute of Theology, Saint Louis, Missouri

 “For Catholics wanting to learn more about the bible, the best place to go is The Cornerstone. They have plenty of resources to break open God’s Word and to relate Scripture to one’s daily life – whether for beginners with little knowledge or for more experienced readers of the bible.”

Geoffrey D. Miller, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, St. Louis University , St. Louis, Missouri

 “The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that the Church ‘exhorts all the Christian faithful to learn the surpassing knowledge of Jesus Christ by frequent reading of the divine Scriptures’ (#133). The Cornerstone Catholic Scripture Study is a faithful response to this call. Cornerstone can help anyone to understand and enjoy the Bible and to apply its teachings to everyday life. Those who participate in Cornerstone will feel welcome and will experience the love of Christ in His Word and in the company of other believers. I heartily recommend The Cornerstone to all Catholics and to members of other faiths.”

Fr. Oscar Lukefahr, C. M., Director of Catholic Home Study Service

 “So often I am asked if there is a Bible Study in which a Catholic would both feel at home and be nourished both spiritually and intellectually as well. So often I respond, ‘I recommend The Cornerstone.'”

Rev. Msgr. James Telthorst, Mary Mother of the Church, St. Louis, Missouri

 “The unique gift of The Cornerstone is that Catholics learn not only to study, but to pray the Scriptures in community, and so meet the living Word — Jesus.”

Rev. Paul Niemann, Holy Trinity Catholic Parish, St. Louis, MO

 “The Cornerstone Bible Study is a gathering of people of faith who wish to be nourished by God’s Word. I recommend participation in this faith experience for all who seek to know the Lord.”

Rev. Greg Mikesch, Vice Rector for formation, Kenrick Glennon Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri

 “I am impressed with the power and ability of Cornerstone participants to share their personal faith stories and divine encounters of grace with one another and the larger community. Cornerstone provides a sound & spirit filled forum for such witness to flourish.”

Fr. Robert Capone, University of San Diego, San Diego, California


“Cornerstone has given life and meaning to scriptures I have been hearing and reading my entire life. Cornerstone has introduced me to the authors of scripture as living breathing people who have undergone trials and tribulations just as I have. They have reinforced the notion that God is in control of the universe and all that is in it. I have seen how they have persevered and that I will persevere if I have faith and trust in God.”

Barb B, St. Gerard-MN Branch, member since 2013

 “For me, Cornerstone offers the unique blend of the history of our faith, the sharing of our beliefs and the benefits of belonging to a community that is filled with love, compassion and understanding. No other Bible study has offered this powerful combination. “

Tom M, Mission Branch- CA, member since

 “For so long I have wanted to do a bible study, but just could not find the time or the right fit for me. I can say without hesitation I have found my place. This is my second year and Cornerstone has proven to be a source of great learning, peace and inspiration. Each and every member of this Branch plays an important role in my faith journey. Each week we gather I look forward to sharing, learning and growing spiritually. What great encouragement is offered here. It is giving me the discipline to improve my prayer life.”

Mary Beth N, ROC Branch- MO, member since 2013

 “I’m a six year participant in Cornerstone Scripture Study and each fall I can’t wait for the next session to start. The study questions draw out the meaning of each lesson and as we discuss them in class the input from members adds more depth to my understanding of the Bible. Becoming a member of Cornerstone Scripture Study group is the best gift I’ve given myself in years!”

Patricia Z, St. Raphael- FL, member since 2009