New Branch Formation

For people who may or may not live near an existing Branch, consider starting a Branch… but first, try out The Cornerstone.

Trying Out The Cornerstone

  • Ask others to join you in meeting regularly as a group and praying about your call to The Cornerstone. Seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance in this journey.
  • When you are ready, experience a six-week trial study. Your trial study includes:
    • Printed weekly lessons
    • Recorded talks that support the lessons
    • Training podcasts and other printed materials that will help your group meet, study, and pray like existing Cornerstone Branches
  • Your group will be assigned a Cornerstone Mentor who may attend some of your meetings and will answer any questions your group has.

Note: At this stage it’s important to experience The Cornerstone and pray for guidance.

Please know that during your six-week trial (also known as the discerning process) many Cornerstone members will be lifting your group up in prayer. At the end of the six weeks, your group may be ready to take the next steps in forming a Branch.

Steps in Starting a Branch

  1. READY: Visit an existing Branch (if possible), and/or talk with your Cornerstone Mentor.
  2. SET: Determine who the organizers will be and divide up responsibilities, such as finding a meeting place, etc.
  3. GO: Meet, study, and pray The Cornerstone! Note: Your new group will continue to receive recorded talks until you are ready to prepare your own

Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and keep it!”

Luke: 11:28

Email the Cornerstone at for more information.

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