Begin a spiritual journey that can transform your heart and mind.

“I am impressed with the power and ability of Cornerstone participants to share their personal faith stories and divine encounters of grace with one another and the larger community. Cornerstone provides a sound & spirit filled forum for such witness to flourish.”

Fr. Robert Capone

University of San Diego

"For Catholics wanting to learn more about the bible, the best place to go is The Cornerstone. They have plenty of resources to break open God's Word and to relate Scripture to one's daily life - whether for beginners with little knowledge or for more experienced readers of the bible."

Geoffrey D. Miller, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, St. Louis University

“The Cornerstone unites study and prayer, faith and reason, contemplation and action.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to reflect on how the Word of God can transform our lives and our world.”

Fr. Seán Charles Martin

President and Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Aquinas Institute of Theology

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that the Church 'exhorts all the Christian faithful to learn the surpassing knowledge of Jesus Christ by frequent reading of the divine Scriptures' (#133). The Cornerstone Catholic Scripture Study is a faithful response to this call. Cornerstone can help anyone to understand and enjoy the Bible and to apply its teachings to everyday life. Those who participate in Cornerstone will feel welcome and will experience the love of Christ in His Word and in the company of other believers. I heartily recommend The Cornerstone to all Catholics and to members of other faiths.

Fr. Oscar Lukefahr

Director of Catholic Home Study Service

So often I am asked if there is a Bible Study in which a Catholic would both feel at home and be nourished both spiritually and intellectually as well. So often I respond, 'I recommend The Cornerstone.'

Rev. Msgr. James Telthorst

The unique gift of The Cornerstone is that Catholics learn not only to study, but to pray the Scriptures in community, and so meet the living Word -- Jesus.

Rev. Paul Niemann

The Cornerstone Bible Study is a gathering of people of faith who wish to be nourished by God's Word. I recommend participation in this faith experience for all who seek to know the Lord.

Rev. Greg Mikesch

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