How We’re Organized

How We’re Organized

The Shepherding Board

The Shepherding Board develops and directs the implementation of the mission and goals of The Cornerstone and prayerfully oversees the organization’s performance and the spiritual welfare of its members. This Board consists of experienced ministry team members who facilitate the growth of The Cornerstone, encourage and mentor Branches, provide training and discern the spiritual direction of the organization through prayer.

The Administrative Board

The Administrative Board (AB) includes a diverse group of talented Ministry Team members who skillfully carry out the everyday business and organizational work of The Cornerstone. Working closely with the Shepherding Board, the Administrative Board members are integral to the preparation and operation of the annual Cornerstone Ministry Conference as well as providing ongoing marketing and administrative support.

The Shepherding Board Advisory Council

The Shepherding Board Advisory Council (SBAC) includes one representative from each Branch. These members review Shepherding Board meeting minutes and provide feedback to the Shepherding Board in all areas related to the growth and policies of The Cornerstone.

Branch Ministry Team

Each Branch has its own Ministry Team which works together to keep the Branch operating smoothly and according to The Cornerstone policies and procedures. The Branch Ministry Team includes Branch Facilitators, Branch Coordinators, Small Group Facilitators, Alternate Small Group Facilitators and other ministries that support the Branch.

Small Group Facilitators (SGFs) and Alternate Small Group Facilitators

Small Group Facilitators and Alternates are integral to The Cornerstone. Each week they facilitate small group meetings fostering fellowship, a sense of community and an environment of trust. SGFs and alternates receive training once a year through their Branches as well as ongoing support at their weekly Ministry Team meetings and from Branch Mentors.