Taking Attendance can be a great way to see when members are engaged or when they are falling behind in their lessons. There are two main ways you can take attendance: digitally using Flocknote or by hand using a paper attendance sheet.

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Taking Attendance using Flocknote

The first step is signing into Flocknote. This can be done either on your desktop computer or on a mobile device. There is an app for Flocknote that is available and can make taking attendance at a meeting an easy experience.

Once you’re logged in, select the group that you want to create the attendance board for. 

Once you click Boards it will reveal information about Flocknote Boards feature. Note: DO NOT CLICK ATTENDANCE TRACKING. It will take you to a help video. You want to click the “Make a New Board” button to continue.

Next you will name your board. Once it is named, it will take you to a screen that looks like a spreadsheet with columns and rows. This board will automatically include all the members in the group, so you do not have to add anyone manually.

If you hover over any of the columns, you will see two menus: The three horizontal line icon, and the plus icon.

The three horizontal line icon will allow you to Filter, Move Column, or Delete Column.

The plus icon will allow you to add a column. This column can be either new, an existing column from another board, or update a profile field.

If you are creating a new column, it can either be a Checklist, Text Column, or Number Column. For attendance tracking, we recommend naming each column by date and selecting Checklist. Then, you can check off who attended that session easily on desktop or mobile.

If you are using the Checklist column type, there will be a column that appears called Total. This will count the number of times someone has been checked in on the attendance board.

Duplicating Your Attendance Board

Once you create an attendance board you are happy with, you can use it every semester or every year by duplicating your attendance board.

In the upper right hand corner is an icon that looks like two papers on top of each other. When you hover over it, says “Duplicate Board.” Click this and you will see a menu that pops up with what information to copy from the board. There are four options:

  1. Board Structure – this is what we recommend so that it clears the information in the rows but keeps the columns, and you can start out fresh.
  2. Structure & Data – duplicates the columns and the rows.
  3. Share the Board Columns – this links the two boards together so if you change column information in one, you change the other too.
  4. Share the Entire Board – links the two boards together so no matter what you change, it’ll change it in both places.

Exporting Your Attendance Board

You have the option of exporting your attendance into an excel spreadsheet that will keep all the information from your rows and columns. You can choose to use this as a spreadsheet or print it out for your records. Note: If you do a checkbox list, each check will export as a ‘X’ in the row for that person.

The export by default includes:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Phone
  4. A row for each person
  5. Each column you set up in the board.

To export the attendance board, locate the icon in the upper right-hand corner that looks like a file with a spreadsheet on it.

Downloadable Resources

Official Flocknote Video on How to Use Boards for Attendance

Paper Attendance Sheets

If you would like to continue using Paper Attendance Sheets, please use the template below. Note: If you choose to use paper attendance or a spreadsheet, it cannot be imported into Flocknote.

Need help? Email to contact the Technology Team.

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