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In planning for the start of a new study year, one of the first things you’ll want to do is prepare your Branch Calendar and display it on your Branch webpage. The calendar should be updated throughout the year with real time changes made for inclement weather or other delays. By using the template provided below, your calendar will automatically sync with your Branch webpage so members always know when the next meeting will be and what Lesson is being covered.

Important Note:

  • For Branches that rely on Recorded Spiritual Reflections and Focus Talks, be sure to stay at least 2-3 weeks behind the Recording Branches.  Before you set your calendar for the year, review the Recording Branches 1st semester and 2nd semester start and end dates (found on their Branch webpage)  and then be sure to review again throughout the year to see if they have made any changes.
  • For Recording Branches, please keep your Branch webpage updated with your most up to date Calendar.
  • Recording Branches include:
    • Annunziata
    • Mary Queen of Peace
    • Saint Anthony of Padua (Day)
    • Saint Joseph

Table of Contents

Creating the Branch Calendar

In an effort to keep up to date Branch Calendars on each of the Branch webpages, the Tech Team encourages Branches to use the Template provided below for your Branch. Since it automatically updates your webpage, this will become a place where your members know they can go for up-to-date calendar information. It is also more efficient for the Tech team if you use these templates rather than submitting calendars you create on your own.   Please let the Tech Team know if you need assistance in using the template

For Those Branches who choose not to use the template, please email your Calendar to the Tech Team at

Select your Branch template below:

Submitting the Branch Calendar

If you are a Recording Branch, please submit your calendar by July 1st. Other Branches, please submit by August 15th, if possible.  When you submit your calendar for the first time, please send an email to the Technology Team at web-help.

Updating the Branch Calendar

If you ever need to update your Branch Calendar for inclement weather or other delays, you can go back to your Branch Calendar template at any time and edit the contents. When you update the template, it will sync to your Branch Page so your members will be up to date on the changes. Updates may not happen immediately and can take a few minutes to take effect. If the Branch Page hasn’t been updated within a few hours, please contact the Technology Team.

Printing the Branch Calendar

Navigate to your Branch Calendar Page and click on the File menu. From there, Download the Calendar. We suggest using PDF to print.

The PDF button is missing for the Calendar on my Branch Page

This is something the Technology Team creates once we are messaged that a Branch Calendar has been created for the year. If this button is out to date, please reach out.

My Branch Calendar isn't displaying all the rows on our Branch Page

To avoid empty rows showing on the Branch Page, the template is set to display only a certain number of rows. If you go over the allotted amount, email the Technology Team, and we will extend the table for you.

Need help? Email to contact the Technology Team.

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