Visitor Session

Visitor Sessions are designed to inform potential members of the many benefits and blessings of being a member of the Cornerstone so  they can prayerfully consider if they wish to join a Branch.

Whether your Branch has designated Visitor Session dates or allows Visitors at any time, you can find information here to guide your visitors into becoming members at your Branch. 

Ask your members to pray for potential new members and then to invite those whose names come to mind in prayer. Invitations to Visitors’ Sessions may also be extended through a church bulletin announcement or other ways.  Potential new members must attend a Visitors’ Session in order to register for The Cornerstone

Table of Contents

Receiving Visitors

Visitor Session: A specific day designated by a Branch for visitors to come and experience The Cornerstone. A Visitor Session should be the first or second week of the Fall or Spring semester. A Visitor Session can be structured anyway your Branch feels comfortable but should allow for the Visitor Video to be shown to the visitors with an explanation of what to expect at The Cornerstone.

Visitors Welcome Anytime: A regular lesson where people who are members have their lessons and meet normally while visitors meet with the Branch Facilitator or Branch Coordinator to watch the Visitor Video and explain what everyone else is doing while they are going through their lessons. During this time, the visitor will sit through the meeting but will not partake in the lesson. During the lesson time, the visitor will learn about doing the lessons and about The Cornerstone.

Visitor Video

Play Video

The Visitor Video is a great introduction to visitors and answers three main questions:

  1. Who We Are
  2. What We Have to Offer
  3. How Much Commitment We Need from Our Members

Visitor Handouts

Recommended Handouts for Returning Members

Recommended Handouts for Visitors

Optional Handouts

The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.

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